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Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Joining

TOX®-Vario Joint

Applications and advantages:

  • Joining of sheet metals with large differences in thickness.
  • Joining of a non-ductile or high tensile strength sheet metal material with a ductile one, e.g. joining of sheet metal and cast steel/spring steel combinations.
  • Joining of sheet metals with non-metallic materials (e.g. plastics, elastomers, paper, cardboard).
  • Simple joining of high strength materials.
  • Increased tool life.
  • Reduced press force/stripper force.

Process Sequence

Process for creation of a TOX®-Vario Point

Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Joining Process Characteristics:

  • Requires hole on the die side material.
  • Only one sheet metal layer is formed.
  • Ability to absorb both radial and axial forces.
  • Requires low joining forces.
  • Requires exact positioning of the assembly components.
  • Multipoint capability.

For additional information, see TOX®-Tools.

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