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Press Machine Controls

To operate our heavy-duty and precision equipment it is important for the operator to have safe and reliable controls. From simple, pneumatic basic controls, or electric-pneumatic controls, all the way to complex, custom programmable controls with nearly unlimited possibilities, all wishes can be fulfilled.

All TOX®-Controls meet the latest technical safety norms and guidelines from the German Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as European Directive EN 13736 for pneumatic presses. With TOX®-Controls, you are always "on the safe side", as only safe, high-quality and tested components are installed.

Pneumatic two hand control STP 003

Plain pneumatic basic two hand control for the activation of powerpackages, pneumatic-cylinders or presses. No additional function (STP 003 Controls type 10).

More advanced: the STP 003 Safety controls type 11 features a main valve for activating pneumatic and pneumohydraulic cylinders or presses with a opening smaller than 6mm and it's normed EN 574 IIIC.


Foot Pedal Control STE 317

The Food Pedal Control STE 317 is especially designed to meet all safety-requirements and to operate our equipment easy, reliable and without using the hands.

Two hand safety control STE 325

Simple cycle initiation of pneumohydraulic cylinders with established, limited additional functions.

Two hand control with PLC STE 326+328

Variable and customisable activation of pneumatic and pneumohydraulic cylinders and presses. The process flows are, in far ranges, adoptable to customer requirements. Tip operation is optionally possible.

Two hand safety control STE 336

From simple cycle initiation of pneumohydraulic cylinders to complex, standardized, programmable controls with established, limited additional functions.

External pulse control STE 075

Main directional valve and required accessories (flow controls, air servicing unit, etc.), pneumatic components only, cycle initiation to be provided by customer using an external input from their controls.


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