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EXe-K Servo Press Drive

High-speed, compact servo press drive

The EXe-K is a fast and compact electromechanical actuator which uses planetary roller screws. The planetary roller screws build smaller, move faster and carry higher loads for longer periods than ball screws. This means that the EXe-K offers the same high performance in a smaller model than other servo press drives. It also offers higher speeds and a longer lifespan than base model cylinders. In addition to being the best performing drive on the market, we also offer service to ensure that your EXe-K servo press drive is working properly. The EXe-K is available in models with the following press forces: 10 kN (1 ton), 30 kN (3 tons), 60 kN (6 tons), 100 kN (10 tons), 200 kN (20 tons).

Now with cleanroom certification!
The EXe-K 030 servo press is now available in a version optimized for cleanrooms.


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EXe-K Features

Features of the EXe-K Servo Press Drive include:

  • High speed and high power density
  • Standard stroke 300 mm (11.811 inches)
  • High precision force measurement with highest measurement accuracy
  • Optional safety brake
  • Custom versions can be designed
  • UL listed

Product Specifications TOX®-ElectricDrive EXe-K

ModelEXe-K 010EXe-K 030EXe-K 060EXe-K 100EXe-K 200
Nominal pressing force10 kN30 kN60 kN100 kN200 kN
Nominal pulling force3 kN8 kN17 kN30 kN60 kN
Speed300 mm/s280 mm/s250 mm/s200 mm/s120 mm/s
Default stroke1300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm
Length756 mm853 mm967 mm1025 mm1150 mm
Flange ratio A/A170/90 mm90/110 mm105/135 mm130/160 mm160/160 mm
Weight24 kg42 kg71 kg110 kg186 kg

1other stroke lengths available

The TOX®-ElectricDrive series EXe-K is available in models with the following press forces: 10 kN (1 ton), 30 kN (3 tons), 60 kN (6 tons), 100 kN (10 tons), 200 kN (20 tons)


Customers in a variety of industries, from automotive to appliance manufacturing to healthcare, the EXe-K is well suited for a variety of applications, including:


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Product details

TOX®-ElectricPowerDrive EXe-K
TOX®-ElectricPowerDrive EXe-K
Planetary roller spindle
Optional safety brake

Application examples


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